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Bespoke panels can be designed and created using the latest CNC milling systems. The design of these bespoke panels can match your corporate branding, logos or be a specialist design for your home.

There will be a charge for the manufacture of the specialist radiant heater mould which can produce hundreds of products.

The radiant heater panel is ideal for:

  • Coffee shop chains
  • Restaurant chains
  • Hotel chains
  • Pub chains
  • Multi location offices

Benefit from:

  • Warmer customers
  • Happy staff
  • Reduced heating bills
  • Lower levels of condensation
  • Reduced allergens in the air

This panel will create a comfortable environment in your living or office space.

For the development of the mould and manufacture of each panel please contact SuperStone Radiant heaters on 01792 470242

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Have all the qualities of a background electric radiant heater with your own bespoke electric radiant heater design.

Ideal for corporate logos and branding in hotels, headquarters and office buildings.  The quick fit bespoke electric radiant heater reinforces your brand and reduces your heating bills.

Speak to the design team for more details and to discuss your requirements. Call today on 01792 470242

Suitable for
  • Receptions
  • Lounges
  • Dining rooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Office premises
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bed and breakfast establishments

Power source: Electric
Height x Width: 600 x 600, 600 x 1200 900 x 1000mm
Power rating: 120 watts, 180watts, and 220watts
Finish: Canvas or plain
Total Product Weight: 25kg to 93kg
Room size: This will vary with size and wattage
Running cost: From 9sq m to 20sq m

3 reviews for Bespoke

  1. Clementine Bridgman

    I have had a sunflower panel fitted in my small shop in west Wales and it has made a huge difference for me and my customers. I have been so pleased that we have had four more fitted in our house. I would recommend them to anyone who wanted a warm living room.

  2. Arthur Pittman

    We have four SuperStone electrical heaters in our coffee shop. One is the Sunflower panel and it is on all the time, even when we are not there. It builds up the heat in the room ready for our customers in the morning. Even though we have four in the coffee shop we have only ever had two working when the weather gets very cold. We did try running the second one when we started but the staff complained it was getting too hot in the shop.

  3. Kelly Soto

    The electrical sunflower panel heater has been a godsend. We put it in to our terraced home when we were refurbishing it. We had very bad damp which we could not clear with other heating methods, but the radiant panel dried out the wet walls in a few days. We were able to decorate and move in after a few weeks. The heaters have been keeping us warm ever since.

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