The Team

John Cooper

John Cooper leads the team. He has had a long and successful career in many aspects of the construction and the home building industry. His accomplishments and experiences have given him the knowledge and understanding of what makes a home a home have contributed to the development of the SuperStone radiant heating panels that are about to shake up the heating industry. Low running cost and controllability have made these home warmers a “must have” in any property, meeting the needs of the customers health and warmth. John has been working on the SuperStone radiant heaters for over 7 years. They are now ready to enhance your home. Shop online to get the panels that suit your home.

Nigel T Packer

Nigel has a history in engineering and innovation. In recent years he has been working with clients to develop their online strategies and promotion. This combination of skills will be the driving force behind the ongoing development of the low energy radiant panels and heating systems. Watch out for the latest developments by adding your name to the newsletter or following SuperStone on twitter and Facebook.

The Team in production

Over the last few years SuperStone has been developing a highly skilled team of technicians and production workers to manufacture the radiant heaters. They may be small in number today, but this team will grow with the business and will be a major name in the radiant heating industry in Wales and the UK.