Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters work in a different way to the steel convection radiators used in the majority of homes today.

A steel convection heater warms the air that is closest to the steel radiator which in turn circulates around the room. This is why the upper part of the room nearest the ceiling is always warmer than the floor – hot air rises.

Radiant heaters heat the fabric and any person in the room. The walls, furniture and other solid objects. The heat is radiated in all directions from the panel warming everything that is in sight of the panel up to 8 meters away. As the solid objects warm up they become radiant heaters providing a consistent heat for those who are in the room.

Due to the size and thermal mass of the panel it will continue to radiate heat for up to 3 hours after the central heating switches off.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is in the infra-red spectrum, just below the visual spectrum of light we are all able to see. Hence without a specialist camera we cannot see the glow.

The heating elements can be seen in the core of the panel. They radiate heat before the panel has warmed to the touch, demonstrating their effectiveness as a radiant heater.

SuperStone Radiant Heaters

The SuperStone Radiant Heater range has been designed to run off your mains electricity or water based central heating system.

Many of our customers have ordered the dual radiant heater that is plumbed into your central heating system and the mains electricity, gaining from the many benefits of radiant heating in your home.

Electrical element radiant heaters: E-Rad

The E-Rad is fitted with a low energy element that draws 180 or 228 watts of electricity. This brings the panel up to a cosy running temperature of 45 Celsius. Once this temperature is reached, the panel will radiate continuously to provide a low level of background heat to the room.

The radiant heat warms up the fabric of the room and any person sitting in the room, just like the sun warms you up on a cold day.

This benefits the room by reducing the levels of condensation and mould in turn reducing the implications of these problem issues.

The e-rad comes with two sizes of element:
180 watts – This is ideal for average size living spaces.
228 watts – This element size is for larger living rooms.

E-Rad Running cost

(based on average price of a unit of electricity – 14p)

Element Hourly Daily Weekly
180W 2.5p 61p £4.27
220W 3.1p 76p £5.37

Water based radiant heaters: S-Rad

These operate at higher temperatures to the electrical radiant heaters (900watts) and are ideal for older properties that have lower insulation. The brick and stone walls heat up over time becoming radiant heaters themselves.

The size and thermal mass of the panel it will continue to radiate heat for up to 3 hours after the central heating switches off.

Fitting the water based radiant heater into your central heating system will reduce running costs by reducing the cycle times of the boiler.

Dual radiant heaters: D-Rad

Recommended for replacing your current steel convection heaters. The electric element is run constantly to give a background warmth to the room. The high output water part of the Dual radiant heater increases the warmth experienced with a boost from the water jacket. These bring the benefits of both radiant heater power sources.

What are the benefits of a SuperStone radiant heater?

Once a radiant heater has been fitted it will soon bring you the following benefits:

Warm and dry

Over the following days you will see the walls dry out and their temperature will rise. This rise in temperature, will push the moisture out of the wall reducing the opportunity for mould to grow. Eventually the wall will become a heat source for the room acting as a thermal mass and maintaining the core temperature of the room. The air temperature will increase over time giving the room a comfortable feel.

Less condensation, less mould

This is a constant problem within properties and is easily resolved with SuperStone radiant heater panels fitted in your home.

Respiratory problems caused by mould and damp living conditions have major health issues. Exposure to damp and mouldy environments may cause a variety of health effects. Some people are sensitive to moulds. For these people, moulds can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation. By reducing and even removing the mould you will reduce the issues relating to mould toxicity.

Lower running cost

The efficiency of the radiant heaters gives you lower electric and gas bills keeping you warm for less.

Room feature

Each of the panels can be a feature in the room. From a bas relief artwork to a canvas panel that can be painted in with your own design. The creative features of the panels enhance your living space and turn a functional room heater into a piece of art.

Fitting a SuperStone Radiant Heater.

To get the best results the panel should be fitted on a wall that has line of sight to all parts of the room. The horizontal centre line of the panel should be at eye level giving the maximum output and benefit for those working or sitting and relaxing in the room.

It is recommended that you use a qualified electrician or plumber to fit your radiant heater. Full instructions come with each panel.