Superstone Radiant Heating

For the last 7 years SuperStone have been working on the development of new radiant heaters and a more efficient way of heating your home or office. The criteria for this development was that the heating system should be effective, green and run at a lower cost than current central heating systems. We think we have done it with the new SuperStone Radiant Heater Panels with these remarkable benefits.

  • Lower running cost
  • Improved thermal distribution of heat
  • Reduced dust circulation
  • Reduced condensation
  • Reduced mould build-up
  • No moving parts
  • No noise

Radiant Heaters


Like steel radiators the Water Heated SuperStone Radiator is supplied from your central heating system. Input heat is transferred by a network of pipes in the GRS panel which heats up then radiates the heat throughout the room. You may think that this is the same as the steel radiator, but we would like to draw your attention to the way that steel radiators work. Read more on the Science of Heating.


Superstone Electric Radiant Heaters  use an electric element. These are background radiant heaters that are intended to run all the time during the winter months.

During our extensive testing period, we found that they cost as little as 44 pence per day to run maintaining a base temperature of 16.0oC in the room.

We have also produced a higher wattage panel that can be used as a primary heat source for your room.  These come in 90-watt, 180-watt, and 228-watt versions.

The small 90-watt 600mm x 600mm E-Rad is ideal for the bathroom, keeping it warm and condensation free.


The Superstone Dual Energy Radiant Heater is our latest innovation and we are very excited with this.

Combining the two heat sources the electric element keeps the room at a constant temperature with your current central heating system providing the boost to raise the temperature to your preferred comfort range.

The advantage of having both systems in one unit reduces the wall covering and increases efficiency reducing running cost.

To find out more about SuperStone radiant panels, and how they can make your house into a warm and welcoming family home complete the contact form or phone us on 01792 470 242