Commercial Buildings

Radiant heaters for commercial buildingsĀ from SuperStone

Keep staff and work areas in commercial buildings such as offices and factories warm with overhead radiant stone heaters.

The SuperStone radiant heater will provide sufficient heat for workers in your office space. Gentle radiant heat warms the person not the air around, so you feel comfortable while you work.

The fresh cooler air keeps staff alert and awake improving concentration focus and productivity.

Work station heating

Positioning a radiant heater above each workstation will radiate warmth over the area covering the work station and the employee. In larger spaces such as reception areas, airport lounges and ferry terminals the overhead radiant heaters will keep customers and travellers warm as they await their gate call.

Reduced energy cost

Each radiant heater cost from 42p per day to run greatly reducing your energy bills and increasing bottom line profits.

Design your own radiant heater

Special designs can be incorporated to match company branding and logos. Contact our commercial team to arrange a meeting and discuss your heating requirements.