About SSR

Established in 2010, SuperStone radiators was the brainchild of John Cooper who had developed an innovative advance in heating his home with Glass Reinforced Concrete (CRS).

In 2011, he produced the first CRS radiator and put it into his home to do extensive testing. It still hangs there today providing low cost, efficient background heating for his living area in his home.

To avoid a big block of concrete hanging on his wall he drew on his artistic leanings to create a relief picture of a vase of sunflowers painted to reflect the colour scheme in his home. Not only is he saving money with the radiator he has a beautiful piece of art on display.

With extensive testing in his heating lab at the SuperStone headquarters in Swansea, John made further developments to tie the radiators into current central heating systems. He built a production line to manufacture the radiators and has developed the business for new build and retrofit of the radiators in domestic, commercial and public buildings.

From plain and canvas effect finishes where images can be printed onto the surface of the radiator to creating architectural sculptures for reception areas in commercial and public buildings.