Breaking – SuperStone radiant heaters save coffee shop £300 per month

Back in December 2017 we published a case study of one of our commercial customers who installed four SuperStone radiant heaters in thier First Call Coffee Shop in High Street, Swansea.

They have had them in for one winter now, so we arranged a meeting with Tony Georg the owner to find out what the effect had been and how happy he was with the radiant heater panels.

First Call Coffee is a modern stylised coffee shop, part of a chain of shops and eateries owned by Tony.  When he opened this new shop, he had 3 x 2.5Kw electric fan heaters as part of the fitments in the establishment.  They would run for 10 hours per day to keep his staff and customers warm in the cold of winter. Usually switched on in October and then switched off in April.

All four of his newly fitted SuperStone radiant heaters are electric, each is rated at 228 watts and include The Sunflower Panel, The Egyptian Panel, Notice Board and a medium canvas panel which was painted to compliment the colour scheme in the shop.

Relaxing with a cup of fresh brewed coffee we asked Tony:

What is the first thing that you considered when fitting the SuperStone radiant heaters?

Tony said “I was a little afraid that there would not be enough heat from these, so I kept the old fan heaters just in case. I realise now that I should have had more confidence as they have been proven to be more than enough to heat our coffee shop.  It is a little strange to have the heating on 24 hours per day.  If the shop is not open, why do we need to use electricity?”

Tony went on to say, “They work in a different way to what we are used to.   Because they are radiant heaters they take some time to warm the walls, floors and ceilings up to temperature.  The heat then radiates from the panels and the walls to keep the coffee shop at a comfortable temperature.”

Are your staff and customers happy with the temperature in the shop?

“Very happy.  Not only do the panels keep them warm, the customers like the striking designs as they are interesting to look at.  Not many realise they are heaters until we tell them and quite a few have already bought some for their homes.

Have you seen any change in your electric bills?

“Yes, we have. We are saving about £300 a month on electricity bills which means they will pay for themselves in less than 2 years.”

Were there any other benefits besides the savings?

Back in February when it was very cold, I was walking down the High Street passed other coffee shops you could not see inside because of all the condensation on the inside of the windows.  When I got to First Call Coffee I was surprised that the windows were clear.  You could see in and all the customers enjoying their coffee and meals. The radiant heaters reduce the condensation on the inside of the windows.  This is very good for business as it also means that people can see out.

Would you fit SuperStone radiant heaters again?

Definitely, we are setting up another coffee shop and restaurant and have had three heaters fitted already.  I am also looking at putting them into the other coffee shops we run around the area.

Would you recommend SuperStone radiators to other shop owners?

If you are concerned about the ever increasing electric bills, then you would be mad not to get these installed.  They are an investment into saving money.  I have already recommended them to several business owners who are installing them in their premises.

Is there anything else you would like to add Tony?

Yes, is there is anyone out there who wants to buy three 2.5Kw fan heaters please get in touch.  They are almost new and ready to install.

Do you want to reduce your electric heating bills?

Give Nigel or John a ring on 01792470242 or 07875381722.

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