Stone has been used for heating in different forms for thousands of years. Super stone Radiators harness the thermal properties of this natural material and the power of modern technology to bring you a beautiful home feature with a low carbon footprint and superior energy efficiency.

We offer a unique approach to heating your home, combining energy-efficient design with classical artwork. Now you can display your stone radiator as a work of art – something to be proud of, not hidden behind the sofa or enclosed in a cover.

Both Van Gogh’s Sunflowers radiator and Tutankhamen’s Egyptian Masterpiece radiator design has been produced by renowned Welsh sculptor Robert Conbear, whose work and collections have been exhibited nationwide. Swansea-based Robert is renowned overseas in America and all over the art world for his craftsmanship and talent.

About Superstone Radiators

Since 1984, Superstone’s parent company Superseal Ltd has been involved in specialist concrete mouldings and the formulation of glass-reinforced polymer concretes (GRCs). Their research and development recently led to a technical breakthrough that meant GRC radiators could be combined with moulded artwork to create these attractive wall-mounted designs.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field, Superstone Radiators can assure you of quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship with their energy efficient radiators.

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