Gas Price Hike – what are you going to do?

Last Week the UK’s largest energy supplier are increasing energy prices to their customers by 5% from 29 May, this follows a 12.5% rise at the end of last summer.

Once more the gas industry in the UK is starting to increase prices for heating your homes and offices.  Led by British Gas it is highly likely that others will follow suit.

What are you going to do about it?   Are you resigned to paying more to keep warm?

You could change energy supplier, but it is likely they will be following the lead from British Gas and increase their prices as well.

Or you could change the way you heat your home and reduce the ongoing cost?

Modernise your central heating system

Central heating boilers have become more efficient in recent years, but nothing has been done about improving the steel convection heaters we all use in our homes until now.

Replacing steel convection heaters in your central heating system with SuperStone radiant heaters will bring in a 30% reduction in gas bills and wipe out the increase announced by British Gas and leave money in your pockets.

New development in radiant heaters from SuperStone radiators

For the last 10 years SuperStone Radiators have been working on the development of low energy heating systems.  Looking at the subject from a reduce energy wastage SuperStone have developed a formula for manufacturing a reconstituted stone panel with electric and water heating elements embedded in the structure of the panel.  These low energy panels are designed to be run constantly, raising the temperature of the living space over a period of time keeping everyone warm.

Central heating systems and steel convection heaters

The first system was designed to replace steel central heating convection heaters that are in 95% of homes in the UK.  These inefficient and ugly steel panels are usually hidden away behind sofas.  They heat the air around them which in turn convects around the room.  As you will agree the hot air rises so the warmth always ends up at the ceiling.

SuperStone radiant heaters have been designed to positioned high on the walls radiating the heat to all parts of the room, including the floor.  Radiant heat warms the fabric of the room so the walls and the objects and humans in the room get the warmth.  This keeps the air at a lower temperature avoiding the stifling heat and feeling of drowsiness.

Manufactured as Bas relief panels or canvas finish panels they replace steel convection panels and use up to 30% less gas to run. These tests were carried out by the Green Energy project run by Retrofit London for The London Assembly.

Other benefits from SuperStone radiant heating

  • Reduced air movement and drafts caused by hot air rising.  This reduces the movement of dust and other airborne particulates including cold and flu viruses.
  • Stops condensation by heating the walls up so they do not condense moisture from the overheated air in the building.
  • Stops unsightly black spot mould improving air quality in your property and your heath.

Bring your heating bills under control

Fight back against increased heating bills next year by fitting SuperStone radiant heaters in your homes and offices.

Renovating your central heating system this summer will bring cost saving benefits over the next 10 years.  Contact SuperStone radiators today to speak to one of our heating experts today on 01792470242.

SuperStone Radiators

Are manufacturers of composite stone radiant heaters for homes, offices and shops.  Low running cost electric, water and dual radiant heaters.  These can be retrofitted into central heating systems or be part of a low energy new build property.

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