Drying out the walls

A good paint job or even when hanging wallpaper requires a dry wall to ensure a good finish. It is not surprising that a recent client who was doing some renovation in their home a terraced property in a long street near the sea could not understand why the wall paper was dropping off the wall every time they hung a strip.

The weather had turned, a week of rain and then cold weather set in for the winter. A delay in the new tenants moving in was the last thing they wanted. Speaking to a builder they were advised to get a space heater to warn the building up and dry the walls out. A small gas heater the type that looks like a jet engine when running was purchased and put to work. After a few days it seemed that the walls were getting wetter and there seemed to be no improvement.

Part of the renovation was the installation of SuperStone Radiant dual fuel heaters which was scheduled to be done straight after the wallpaper was hung. These are both electric and water heating radiators which are plumbed into the central heating system. An electric element is run constantly to maintain the background heat in the room. It was decided to install the radiators then after the walls had dried out the wall paper could be hung.

The new radiators were hung and switched on. 36 hours later not only the house was warm and dry but the walls had become dry enough to hang the wallpaper.

Why SuperStone radiators worked

The SuperStone radiator is a radiant heater. It works by heating up the fabric of the room not the air. Heat is transferred to the walls in the room and they in turn heat the air.

The electric element runs constantly heating the walls up and driving out the moisture or damp. Once the walls have dried they start to heat the air and over time they become radiators.

In tests run by SuperStone we have found that a constant temperature is achieved which reduces the time the main central heating system is on as it only has to raise the temperature a few degrees.

Running cost

Running the electric element constantly and the reduced time the central heating system runs results in a 30% reduction in energy cost.
If you are looking for an economic way to warm your home contact SuperStone Radiators.

SuperStone Radiators

SuperStone Radiators manufacturer stylish GRC stone radiators for radiant heating systems. Extensive testing and research has resulted in the development of a unique way of heating your home and office.

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