Top Notch Hair Dressers keep staff and customers warm in the salon.

One of our latest orders for a bas relief Sunflower panel from Top Notch hair dressers in Bryn y Mor Road, Swansea.  They have ordered an unpainted version and have asked if they can paint it themselves.

The panel is done and on the wall in Top Notch.  Julie and Kayleigh donned their overalls and gave the panel their own take on the sunflower colours.

Painting the Sunflowers radiant heater

Asked why they want their own take on the colours Kayleigh replied, “We want to use our brand colours in the panel, so it matches the décor of the salon” she added “We normally apply our creative skills to styling and colouring people’s hair, so this was an exciting opportunity to use our creative skills to do something different.”

“We did a design on an image of the sunflower panel first.  When the unpainted panel arrived we just filled in the colours. It was easy, and we had a lot of fun painting it” said co-owner Kayleigh.

Sunflower Radiant heating panel colour scheme

Test Colour Scheme for Top Notch Hair Salon

Asked why they choose the radiant heater Julie said “With the cold weather we have been experiencing we had to keep the fan heaters on all the time and the electricity bill was getting ridiculous. We decided to get one of SuperStone’s radiant heaters to keep the salon warm and keep the bills low.”

The running cost was a big influencer in the purchase of the panel.  Having seen and experienced them in First Call Coffee, Swansea and the café owner Tony saying how cheap they are to run they decided to get one fitted.

John Cooper of SuperStone who developed the radiant heaters and runs the company that manufactures them said “Many of our customers buy the canvas panels, allowing them to create their own scenes or designs.  When Julie asked if they could do their own colours for the Sunflowers we were delighted.”

One week on – staff and customers warm

A week later – Visiting the salon to see their colour scheme we found the sunflower panel in place warming the salon and the customers.  Mrs Jones, waiting to have her hair done, said “I was admiring the design and didn’t realise it was a heater. I was wondering where the warmth was coming from.”

Owner Julie said “We’ve already noticed a difference.  We don’t need to switch all the heaters on first thing in the morning to take the chill off.  With the panel on all night we can start working straight away.  We don’t have to worry about the cost either.  It is far cheaper than the electric fan heaters we were using.”

Find out for yourself

If you want to find out about SuperStone radiant heaters book your next hair appointment at Top Notch in Bryn Y Mor Road, Swansea and experience their new radiant heater.

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