Hundred year old house gets a modern warm up.

100 year old house gets modern warms up with SuperStone Dual Radiant heater.

Back in September 2017 SuperStone Radiators was approached by Tony, a green energy consultant, who had read about the new radiant heaters we were developing.  He was looking at giving his 100 year old home a modern warm up.

Curious to find out if they lived up to the information he had received he had one of our heating consultants visit him in his home to explain the principles of radiant heat and how they would be good for his 100 year old home.

Tony is well versed in the various forms of heating and understands the principles but wanted to know if the company representatives were up to what they said.

At the end of the meeting tiny purchased two heaters.  A small 600 by 600 electric canvas panel and a sunflower dual radiator.

The following are his comments after the first winter.

Living room gets modern warm up

My 100 year old house has a large living room with 60% glazing on the outside wall that has an arch midway along the 11m length of the room.

A dual fuel radiator was installed on the end wall furthest from the seating area, replacing a conventional double convection radiator run off the oil-fired central heating system. The radiant heater was fitted with thermostatic valve and connected to central heating system.  An electrical supply through a fused switch box was also installed.  The heater was then switched on using electricity during the periods the central heating was not on.

A thermometer was placed on the mantle furthest from the radiator to measure the temperature effect. The radiator on a side wall at the other end of the room was turned off.

The effect of the new radiant heater was very marked in creating a comfortable heat at a lower thermostat setting at the occupied end of the living room. Temperatures of the walls were taken, and the former external walls heated and retained their heat, warming the room after the heating was turned off.

Under the old system the heat never left the extension end as it would circulate within that end of the room as it hit the arch beam and therefore adding no value to the occupants.


A small 600 x 600, 120w electric canvas panel was installed in the kitchen and the convection radiator was turned off.

Even when switched on 24 hours it was very economic and kept the kitchen comfortable as it heated the large masses such as the cupboards and especially the solid marble and hardwood island which retained the heat and transferred it further down the kitchen.

It is a perfect solution for kitchen environment, which when conventional heating systems are used become uncomfortable when cooking and indeed waste energy as the oven and hobs provide much of the heat needed. I also noticed the reduced condensation in the room when cooking.  The cat has also taken a great liking to the panel occupying a reserved space about a meter away.

In summary

The cost benefit has been the 10% reduction in the amount of heating oil used with just the one radiant heater.  Even with the electric used it has been the warmest the living room has ever been.   I am now in the process of renovating the house and will be installing SuperStone radiant heaters throughout.

Do you live in a 100 year old house and want to give it a modern warm up and the benefits of radiant heaters? Contact SuperStone for advice and information on the best fit for your home or office.

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