First Call Coffee

We were approached in May 2017 by Tony Georg of First Call Coffee shop who was expanding his business with a new coffee shop in 212 High Street Swansea. He asked about our radiant heaters and we discussed the needs of the café for their customers. He said he wanted to use feature heaters in his shop to give the customers a creative environment to relax and enjoy their coffee and comestibles.

We showed him the range of designs we already had, and he choose four for the shop and asked if we could put them in for the opening in August 2017.

These were placed in the shop at strategic points to give the best coverage. During August and September, he did not switch them on. As the weather changed from the summer to Autumn and temperatures dropped he switched two on to ensure his staff and customers remained warm in the shop.

After a week he said he had to turn one off because it was too warm there and the staff were complaining.

As October turned into November he was amazed at the constant temperature being maintained in the shop. His staff were happy, and the customers were enjoying a warm and comfortable atmosphere whilst they enjoyed their cappuccinos and americanos.

As an astute café owner, Tony was also watching the cost of the radiant heaters and was impressed with the electricity bill. Making calculations he worked out that they were costing £2.40 per week to keep on all the time.

Asked if he would recommend them to other business owners he said “They are very impressive. Not just as art features but as heaters. I would certainly recommend them for their heat output and the low cost of running. I have plans to expand the business further and open more cafes and restaurants and these will defiantly be used in all the new venues.”

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