Create an attractive centrepoint in your home or office with a timeless design that will be the envy of any lounge, kitchen, dining room or bathroom. Not only do they present a stylish talking point in your home, Super stone Radiators can improve your energy efficiency – a green way to save money.

Like a warm stone on a sunny day, Superstone Radiators release a gentle, comfortable heat. They bring together breakthrough technology and traditional stone heating methods to achieve a high level of efficiency and low running cost.

The innovative design is less likely to block with sediment than other radiators and does not need bleeding. All radiators heat to running temperature quickly and on demand, and then retain heat like a night storage radiator. Using advanced formula, adaptive materials, they work well with many types of hot water heating systems.

Tailored to your taste
Superstone Radiators are available in Portland White for you to decorate according to the colour scheme in your home or to display as a stand-alone piece. Complement your décor with a palette to suit you, and enjoy the creativity of self-expression.

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