Dual Energy Radiant Heaters

Dual energy radiant heaters for your home or office

You’ll love SuperStone dual energy radiant heaters because…

The unique SuperStone radiant heaters provide warm and welcoming heat into your home. Gone are the bland steel floor radiators that cook the air and make breathing difficult, gone are the constant switching of your central heating boiler with its rapid heatup and cooldown cycling.

Radiant heating

We get radiant heat from the sun, SuperStone radiators use the same principles to warm you home. Radiant heat is a natural form of heating that is far more comfortable and gentle for you.

What is special about SuperStone Radiators?

SuperStone Radiators are manufactured from a specially formulated silica, quartz and mineral composite. This is thermally bonded in the various formers and moulds which have the heating elements already inserted. This optimises the thermal bonds between each element giving high radiant heating efficiency.

Take control of your heating

Current central heating systems are controlled from a central thermostat usually situated in the coldest part of the house. It only switches off when that part of the house has reached the comfort temperature. This means that other parts of the house are much warmer than they need to be wasting energy.

Your SuperStone heating panels can be individually controlled using a WiFi control system. Each radiator can be individually set to give you the warmth you desire in each room where the panels are situated.


  • Reduce heating costs by 25%
  • Eradicate condensation in the home
  • Reduces mould build up
  • Individual room heat control
  • Greater control of the heating in your home
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Lower maintenance
  • Primary heating
  • Retrofit to existing central heating systems
  • Easy to fit
  • Make a feature of your heating – not hide it away
  • Better more comfortable warmth
  • Rust free
  • Perfect for oil run central heating systems
  • Ideal for retrofit
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee (terms apply)

Radiators or art?

From an aesthetic perspective the canvas and plain SuperStone panel can be left in its original colour or you can paint it to match the interior d├ęcor of your room.
The art panels present a magnificent display feature in your home turning an ordinary room into an inviting and stimulating place to relax for all the family.


The plain and canvas panels come in three main sizes

The size you choose depends on the size of the room and whether the panel is used as primary or secondary heating.

Good to know

We are so confident that you will love the panels we give a 5-year manufacturer guarantee on all our panels. (terms apply)

Fitting instructions

To get the best results the panel should be fitted on a wall that has line of sight to all parts of the room. The horizontal centre line of the panel should be at eye level giving the maximum output and benefit for those sitting and relaxing in the room.

It is recommended that you use a qualified electrician or plumber to fit your radiant heater. Full instructions come with each panel.

Optional extras

  • Paint pack
  • Individual thermostat pack for each panel
  • Individual WiFi control unit
  • Central WiFi control panel