Breakthrough technology allowed us to develop the Superstone Concrete Designer Radiator

This product would grace the dining room of the most palatial homes and gives you all you want from a radiator and more.

Most of you will recognise the subject of the artwork on this amazing radiator. This unique radiator has been designed by Superstone for the home and prestige offices. This piece of artwork has been produced by a local Welsh sculptor who’s work and collections have been exhibited all over the country. Robert Conabear is based in Swansea and is revered in America and all over the art world.

This incredible product can be the centre point of your home or office and the envy of any kitchen, dining room or bathroom – the solution to complete your decor needs.

Another relief sculpture is an excellent expression of the relief on the entrance to Tutankhamun’s Tomb. This is truly a work of art of long standing.

The unique construction offers a new style in living. Where you can display your radiator as a work of art. And can be something to be proud of, you do not have to hide it behind the sofa or cover it up with something that will cause it to lose its efficiency. Some covers lose as much as 50% of heat or more.

These radiators operate with a low running cost and a high level of efficiency and heats to running temp quickly and retain heat like a night storage radiator.

The innovative construction allows low running cost, a green money saving option. This new design is less likely to block with sediment and does not need bleeding. Radiates a comfortable type of heat which is like a warm stone on a sunny day. This new design of radiator is made from a new formula concrete and will work with other types of hot water heating systems. Stone has been used for heating in different forms of heating for 1000’s of years and this product has a low carbon foot print.
These products are timeless subjects Van Gogh the Tombs of the Pharaohs will be the talking point for many years to come and the object of topical style and opulence.

This incredible product is offered to you in a plain colour for self decoration to complement your colour coordination and self expression .

Van Gogh painted this subject in several colours which gives a huge scope in colour coordination it also looks impressive in a plain colour with creative lighting as a standalone sculpture. The Egyptians where also known for their highly decorative paintings so a little research and let your imagination flow and live with colour and style of your choice – which will say a lot.


  • Sunflowers 900mm x 1070mm
  • Egyptian 600mm x 1300mm
  • Output 1200watt

Here are some examples of Van Gogh’s painting of the Sunflowers. Click on the thumbnails to see the full picture.

Ever wanted to paint a Van Gogh?
Could you buy a more innovative radiator?

The RRP for this amazing product is £1947.00+vat

For Trade Enquiries please contact us

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